Pick-up & Drop-off

From Principal Julie Taylor:

Some traffic reminders: Each school day hundreds of people enter and exit our campus in a short time frame. It is our number one goal to provide an environment that is safe for everyone. This requires a cooperative effort between our entire school community; school personnel, parents, and our neighbors. This requires everyone to follow traffic laws; adhere to school zone speed limits, only drive on the right side of the road, always park facing in the right direction on the road, and never park in no parking/tow away zones – not even for a minute! If we all follow these traffic laws and show patience and courtesy to others, we will be providing the safest environment possible for our Sagamore Hills school community.

Please take a moment to review our drop-off and pick-up procedures for car riders.

  • Students may be dropped-off each morning beginning at 7:20.
  • I encourage parents to drop-off no later than 7:30. It is important for students to have time to get unpacked and ready for their day before the school day begins at 7:45.
  • Parents must utilize the single-file car pool lane in the front of the school. Please do not drop-off students on Alderbrook or Kodiak, this creates a very unsafe situation.
  • Always have you child(ren) exit the car on the curb side.
  • Please make sure your child is prepared to get out of the car when you come to a stop. The car pool line will back-up quickly when cars stop for prolonged periods of time.
  • As a courtesy, the safety patrols provide assistance in the mornings to small children to open and close car doors. If children are able to exit the car independently please allow your child to do so. This will expedite the car pool line if all cars are not advancing to the covered entrance to unload.
  • Please refrain from talking on your cell phone or texting while in the car pool line. This creates an unsafe situation.
  • Please reserve parking in the front of the school for faculty and staff. Our campus has very limited parking.
  • Never enter the back drive and parking area during school hours. There is not a turn-around and cars entering can create a very dangerous situation for children.

Thank you for doing your part to create a safe environment for our students!

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