Staff Luncheon

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Sagamore parents host a staff luncheon for the Sagamore Hills Elementary School staff (teachers/faculty/administration/staff) on the Friday before school starts. It’s a really nice, feel-good event. The staff is so appreciative of the yummy meal in the middle of their big workday. The luncheon is at a house near the school so they can hop in, eat, and hop out.

Grilled chicken is ordered from the Oak Grove Market, which the school principal graciously pays for every year. Other than that, it’s all brought in by wonderful Sagamore parents, feeding 60-70 people.

The staff luncheon has been hosted by the Baldwins since 2014-2015, and was established by the Van Pelts 2011-2012.

Keywords: appreciation, faculty luncheon, teacher luncheon