Red Ribbon Week

Sagamore students are encouraged to develop healthy habits to last a lifetime. One of our efforts to promote drug prevention is through the Red Ribbon Week celebration (see the calendar for dates).

Monday Sock It to Drugs Wear crazy or colorful socks
Tuesday Don’t Get Tied Down Wear tie-dye
Wednesday Follow Your Dreams Wear appropriate pajamas
Thursday Paws‐itively Drug Free Wear all red
Friday Sagamore Students Have Good Character Dress up as your grade level’s literary inspiration/book characters

Other activities:

  • Poems and Essays written by students, shared during morning announcements
  • Drug-Free pledge signing by all students
  • Classroom guidance activities/lessons
  • School-wide project: paper quilt squares with Drug Free messages
  • Classroom Challenge-Students are encouraged to help their classroom receive special recognition and RRW prizes by participating in the week’s events

Each year, Red Ribbon Week provides us with an opportunity to renew our commitment to a healthy and drug-free lifestyle and show our dedication to education and prevention efforts in our schools and communities. The red ribbons we wear during this celebration are a symbol of unity against the illegal use of drugs. Red Ribbon Week allows educators, parents, community groups, students and others to focus on the work being done to stop the spread of drugs and to draw attention to the growing millions who have pledged to live drug-free. Dept. of Human Resources, Georgia Red Ribbon Campaign