Math Fact Mountains

Math Fact Mountains are one page timed quizzes that are an additional way to challenge students to practice and master their math skills. The quizzes increase in difficulty and are named after both local and famous mountains. The harder the quiz, the higher the mountain climbed.

  1. Sagamore Hills (addition and subtraction)
  2. Stone Mountain (addition and subtraction)
  3. Brasstown Bald (multiplication)
  4. Mount Kilimanjaro (division)
  5. Mount McKinley (multiplication and division)
  6. Mount Aconcagua (square roots, squares, fractions, decimals, percents)
  7. Mount Everest (square roots, squares, fractions, decimals, percents)
  8. Olympus Mons (square roots, squares, fractions, decimals, percents)

Blank quiz sheets can be found hanging on the wall outside the front office. Upon successful completion, the quiz needs to be graded and signed by a teacher and placed in the completed quiz folder for verification and recognition by the Principal and PTA.

The student is recognized for their achievement in several ways:

  • Name and the name of the mountain completed read to the student body during the morning announcements
  • Name posted on the Math Fact Mountain achievement wall in the hallway near the cafeteria
  • Recognized with a certificate at their end of semester classroom award ceremony
  • Additional prizes are also awarded for reaching certain milestones

Volunteer Opportunities

  • One volunteer is needed to receive the weekly list of names by email, to print labels with the children’s names, and to affix the labels to the wall under the appropriate mountain name. This could be done any time (before school, during school, after school, evenings).
  • One volunteer is needed during the week before school begins in the fall to take down the previous year’s names and to update the wall graphics in preparation for the new year.

If you would like to assist with any of these tasks, please click here

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