International Night

One of the best nights of the school year! It’s really fun, educational and will fill your families’ tummies with delicious foods from all over the world. For the whole family. Show up when you like (stay for 30 min or an hour). Totally free. No tickets to buy. It’s all food brought in by Sagamore Hills parents.

Each grade level selects a country. Teachers (with the help of volunteers) engage the children in classroom activities designed to teach them about the selected country. Each grade designs a t-shirt for the country (the same t-shirt is used for Field Day in the spring). The class (and parent volunteers) put together a display board with key information and fun facts about their selected country. The display boards are set up in the gym on International Night where all the students “travel” from country to country getting a stamp in their passport. A table is set up in the cafeteria for each grade to have samples of food from their selected county. It is a very fun and tasty evening for all :-)

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