Online groups allow everyone to get in on the conversation at Sagamore!

  • Browse past activity
  • Message a group
  • Join to be notified of group activity.
Grade-Level Groups
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Interest Groups
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Retired groups

The following groups are no longer active, but their past messages can be browsed.

Retired Groups
Foundation 2015-02 – 2017-09 Browse
STEM 2014-09 – 2018-05 Browse

Join a group

Joining a group allows you to:

  • Receive group messages by email
  • Message a group without moderation

From the email address you would like to receive group messages:

  1. Send an empty email using a group’s “Join” link in the table above
  2. Reply to the confirmation email—do not follow a link
    Do not select “Joint This Group”. Instead, simply reply to the confirmation email.

Leave a group

Simply follow the instructions at the bottom of any message from the group you’d like to leave.


If you need help, email .

You do not need a Google Account to use these groups even though they are powered by Google Groups. If you do use a Google Account with Google Groups, you may adjust some group settings.

When starting a new conversation topic, send a new email to the group, instead of replying to an old group message and changing its subject.  Because group messages on the web are first displayed by topic (a topic consists of a new message and all its replies), replying to an old message and changing its subject will obscure your new topic within the old topic you replied to.

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