Garden Club

Garden Club meets biweekly after school to tend the garden with students, the garden coordinator, parent volunteers, and second grade teacher Ms. Quinn.

The participants will be learning about gardening, composting, and how to grow their own seasonal food. The emphasis is on Garden-to-Table!

Activity Log


Below is a list of the flowers, herbs and/or vegetable seeds each group started in the greenhouse. —Tasha Messer

  • Pre-K & Kindergarte (Lewis/Pickrell/Thibodaux):
    Carrots, Cucumbers, Lettuce & Onion (Seed Tape)
  • Kindergarte (Ackert/Danhi/Reid):
    Melon, Tomatoes, Sweet Peppers & Zucchini
  • 1st Grade (Barker/Brown/Miller):
    Columbine & Sweet Peas
  • 1st Grade (Caudle/Floyd/Rhinehart):
    Basil, Beets, Cucumbers & Watermelons
  • 2nd Grade (Sibley/Xu):
    Carrots, Eggplant, Peas & Tomato
  • 3rd Grade (Biccum/Jasper/Stein):
    Basil, Chives, Oregano & Thyme
  • 4th Grade (Manzi):
    Cosmos, Marigolds, Morning Glory’s & Petunia’s
  • 4th & 5th Grades (Olsen/Taylor):
    Dianthus, Marigolds, Morning Glory’s & Petunias



Jr. and Sr. Garden Club’s getting SEEDS started around here! Our March meetings are dedicated to growing plants from seeds for transplanting into our garden beds this Spring. These delicate seed-starts will be housed and cared for in our lovely greenhouse. Students will also thoroughly weed, till, spread shredded newspaper, and mix fresh soil into their garden beds as well.


  • Pull carrots from ground, rinse, eat!
  • Clear a few beds and plant anew
  • Spread mulch around beds
  • Add plants near school entrance


The children enjoyed collecting seeds from some of the flowers around our campus. We collected, labeled and stored them to use them in our flower beds next Spring. Some of the children also brought some seeds home to plant in their own gardens.


We have accomplished so much in the last two weeks! The children have been wonderful and have been working very hard to beautify our beds in the courtyard. Yesterday we planted seeds and put them in our greenhouse.  (Thank you Mr. Bailey for repairing the greenhouse for us. :) During our next meeting we will be collecting the seeds from the old flowers to use next Spring.



We had a wonderful first Garden Club meeting last week. We were able to get all the beds cleaned out and prepared for our Fall crop. Unfortunately, we ran out of time and did not have time to plant anything, so we will be having an extra meeting this week on Thursday, Oct. 30 from 2:35-3:45.


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