Label Clipping Fundraisers (Box Tops)

  1. Keep an eye out for the following labels on the packaging of products you already buy
  2. Cut labels out (do not tear)
  3. Place labels in a baggie with your child’s name (to receive a possible prize)
  4. Send bags of labels to school with your child and deposit in the bin at the front of the school
  • Box Tops for Education – Clip Box Tops to earn cash for Sagamore Hills Elementary! You’ll find Box Tops on lots of products you probably already have in your home—Cheerios boxes, the boxes your Ziploc bags come in, Kleenex tissue boxes and lots of other products. See a full list of Box Top products.
  • Labels for Education – The Labels for Education program allows us to earn points when we redeem labels, bottle caps and UPCs (bar codes) from Campbell soup, sauce and gravy containers; Pace salsa and picante bottles; BIC pen and pencil packages; and lots more items. We redeem points for supplies used in the Art classroom, Physical Education program, and other classes and programs. Know which products are eligible and what part of the package to save.
  • Tyson Project A+ – Did you know that the Project A+ label on Tyson frozen chicken products is worth 24¢? That might not sound like much, but think about how many bags of Tyson chicken our students eat in a year! That’s a LOT of 24¢ labels we can redeem. Clip those labels and send them to school! There’s a full list of all the Tyson products with the Project A+ label.

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