Files in the Sagamore Hills Elementary School community are managed by the PTA‘s Google Drive, and private by default to those trusted by the PTA.

  1. Sign in as:


  • Only the PTA Google Account, , can save and view all files. Other PTA Google Accounts ( cannot use Google Drive.
  • Almost all files/folders are private to by default, so you must be signed in as to save and view all files.
  • Do not share files/folders with individuals, instead, make select folders public. If files/folders need to be used by someone not trusted with the account, the necessary folder should be shared publicly. Avoiding assigning individual access greatly simplifies folks coming and going through the years (yes, years!).
  • Share files/folders publicly using, “Anyone with the link can edit” when needing to work with others outside the account (any changes can be rolled back).
  • For help, contact .


No more tracking down who has the files you need or waiting on someone to provide them; all files are always available.
Is that file on your desktop, laptop, or stuck as an attachment in an email?  Which one is the most up to date, or is it someone else who has the latest version?  A single shared file is much simpler.
People leave with files, hard drives crash, paper gets lost, shared files are later deleted. Files are safer when online, searchable, and owned by the PTA.

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