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Buy a Yearbook AND submit Your child’s Photos

PLEASE HELP The PTA needs some volunteers to help us get the yearbook pages together. It’s easy and can be done at home! Please email if you can help us. Let’s make this happen for our kids.


Yearbooks are on sale now! Only $30 –Please click here to purchase one. They can only be purchased through the above site (not through the school) and we will not be ordering extras this year.

Buy your yearbook!


For the 2020-2021 Yearbook we are asking parents to submit photos of their Wildcats during virtual learning and having fun outside of school. Deadline for submissions is May 2nd.

Please click on the links/categories and follow the prompts to upload pictures of your students…there are lots of categories to choose from. We would love photo submissions for all students, so please chose a few links below! When you’re picking your photos, please make sure it shows your child and not just the pet/artwork/etc!

1.Pics of your kids back to school, either in person or virtual!

2. What sports and activities have your Wildcats been doing?

3. Show us pictures of what you have been doing with your family and friends!

4. Let’s see pictures of your Wildcat school pride:

5. How have you been keeping busy? Send us shots of your kids in motion!

6. How did you spend winter break? Share pictures of your Wildcat over the break:

7. From hikes to riding bikes….lets see how you and your family enjoyed the great outdoors:

8. A new haircut, a great Halloween costume, playing an instrument- show us the ways your child expresses themself!

9. Do you have a family member who has four legs? Or who swims all day? Show us shots of students and their pets!

10. What are your Wildcat’s favorite hobbies? Let’s see pictures of them with arts and crafts, slime, legos… send us what you’ve got!

11. Share with us your family cooking and eating together, playdates with friends from school and you and your siblings in school.

12. What does your Wildcat love? Send us a picture of their favorite stuffed animal…their favorite book…their most-played video game.
Click the link to submit photos to the yearbook:


Open House 2020

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2020-2021 School Supply List

Sagamore Hills Elementary School

2020-2021 School Supply List


1 Pk Card Stock, White, 8×5” x 11”, ~50 Sheets/Pk

1 St Colored Pencils, 12/Set, Wooden, NOT twistable

2 Ea                     Plastic 2 Pocket folders with prongs 

12 Ea #2 Pencils

2 Bx Crayons, Tuck Box, 24/box

1 St Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/set

4 Pk               Glue Stick, Washable, ~.74 oz

1 Pk                     Playdough, 4/Pack

1 Ea                     Mead 4 in 1 Learn To Letter Primary Writing Tablet Grades PK-1

1 Ea                     Mead Primary Journal Half Page Ruled 100 Count

1 Ea Scissors, 5’’, blunt tip

1 Ea Headphones, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion

1st Grade

1 Bx Storage Bags, Zip, Gallon size, ~20 Ct.

2 Pk #2 Pencils, All Wood, Dozen

2 Bx Crayons, Tuck Box, 24/box

2 Ea Eraser, Pink, Large, Latex Free  

1 Ea Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket

1 Ea Headphones, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion 

1 Ea                     Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide Rule, 100 sheets

2nd Grade

1 Ea Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide Rule, 100 Sheets

1 Ea Pencil Box, Plastic, 8.25” x 5.25 x 2”

1 Pk #2 Pencils, All Wood, Dozen

1 Bx Crayons, Tuck Box, 24/box

1 Ea Glue, School, Washable, ~7-5/8 oz., White

3 Ea Glue Stick, Washable, ~.26 oz

1 Pr Scissors, Kids, 5”, Pointed Tip

1 St Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/set

3 Ea Pen, Stick, Medium Point, Red

1 Ea Ruler, 12”, Plastic, Inch & Cm, Center Holes

2 Pd Handwriting Pad, ½ Inch, White, Red BL, 40 Ct.

1 Pk Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5” x 8”, 120/pk

1 Ea               Dry-Erase Board, 8 1/2″ x 11″

1 Pk                      Dry-Erase Markers, Fine Point

2 Ea Folder, Plastic, 2 pocket

1 Ea Flash Drive, USB, ~4GB, Slide Design

1 Ea Headphones, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion                    

3rd Grade

1 Ea Zippered Pencil Case / Supply Pouch

2 Pk #2 Pencils, All Wood, Dozen

6 Ea Glue Stick, Washable, ~.74 oz.

1 Pr Scissors, 5”, Pointed 

2 Ea Eraser, Pink, Large

2 Ea Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Yellow

1 Ea Folder, Plastic, 2 Pocket – 1 purple, 1 yellow, 1 green

1 St “Twistable” Colored Pencils, 12/Set

3 Ea Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide Rule, 100 sheets

1 Ea                      Wide-ruled notebook paper  

1 Ea Headphones, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion 

4th Grade

1 St “Twistable” Colored Pencils, 12/Set  

1 Ea Sharpener, Pencil & Crayon, Double Barrel

1 Pk                      Pencil Cap Erasers

2 Ea Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide Rule, 100 Sheets

3 Pk #2 Pencils, All Wood, Dozen

1 Pk Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5” x 8”, 120/Pk

1 Pr Scissors, 5”, Pointed Tip

1 Bx Crayons, Tuck Box, 24/box

2 Ea Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Any color

5 Ea Glue Sticks, Washable, ~0.74 oz.

1 Ea               Ruler & Protractor

1 Ea Flash Drive, USB, ~4GB, Slide Design

1 Ea Headphone, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion 

5th Grade

6 Ea Glue Sticks, Washable, ~0.74 oz. 

5 Ea Composition Book, Marble Cover, Wide Rule, 100 Sheets, Black

5 Ea Brand 2-Pocket Poly Folder with Prongs, Letter Size

4 Pk Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5” x 8”, 120/Pk

1 Pk Pencils, #2, All Wood, Dozen

1 Pr Scissors, 5”, Pointed Tip 

1 St Wooden Colored Pencils, 12/Set (Not twistable)

1 Bx                      Crayons, Tuck Box, 24/box

1 Ea Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Any Color

1 Ea                     Zippered Pencil Case / Supply Pouch with 3-Hole Grommets (No boxes)

1 Ea               Headphone, Digital, Stereo w/Ear Cushion 

Partnership between Sagamore Hills Elementary School and Mercer University

A presentation of a banner was held August 16th to formally recognize the partnership between Mercer University and Sagamore Hills Elementary School. Dr. R. Stephen Green, Superintendent, Mr. Marshall Orsen, DeKalb School Board member, and Mr. Trenton Arnold, Regional Superintendent, joined us for this recognition and celebration. Dr. Kelly Reffitt and Dr. Deb Rosenstein from Mercer University presented the banner and spoke of the partnership and benefits of working with pre-service teachers at Sagamore Hills Elementary School.

8 Teachers Retire in 2016-2017 at Sagamore Hills Elementary School

Sagamore Hills is so lucky to have some of the best teachers in the world. We are sad to lose some of those teachers this year (2016-2017), but they have definitely earned their retirements. We asked the following teachers a few questions about their time as teachers and about their retirement plans: Diane Jackson, Janet Jasper, Suzanna Quinn, Geri Stein, Linda Menendez, James Garner, Ernestine Cooper, and Sarah Brown.

Why did you become a teacher? Who/what inspired you to do so?

I had two aunts who were both teachers that were role models for me. I saw how they enjoyed teaching and how fulfilling teaching was for them.
My parents were teachers, so it was in my genes.
My father taught for 37 years and was a huge inspiration to me.
When my children were in elementary school I began substitute teaching in Dekalb County. While I was substituting, several parents, students, and principals approached me and encouraged me to pursue full time teaching.
I can’t think of any particular person that inspired me to become a teacher.
I became a teacher because I just had a knack for it.
As the youngest in my family of five children, we played school over the summer. My siblings would never allow me to be the teacher. I started teaching my baby dolls and teddy bears. I’ve always enjoyed working with children.
It’s been so long, I don’t really remember.

What year did you begin teaching and where?

I started teaching in 1987 at Sagamore
I began teaching in 1982 in Monroe, LA.
I became a classroom teacher in 1991 at Sagamore.
In 2006 I accepted a teaching position at Sagamore in the third grade. I began teaching in one of the Learning Cottages.
I started teaching 30 years ago at Avondale Elementary.
I began teaching at Avondale Elementary School in 1988.
1987, in Florence County School District 3, South Carolina
Briarcliff High School in 1986

How long have you been teaching in Dekalb county? At Sagamore?

I have been teaching for 30 years, all at Sagamore.
22 years in Dekalb, 15 years at Sagamore
I have been at Sagamore for 30 years, first as a para and then as a teacher.
My position at Sagamore has been the only full time teaching assignment that I have had.
Dekalb: 30, Sagamore: 13
I have been teaching in Dekalb for 29 years and here at Sagamore for 18 of those years.
Since 1990. At Sagamore:12 years
Dekalb: 29 years, Sagamore: 24

Did you spearhead or participate in any new programs at Sagamore that you are particularly proud of?

I participated in the very first SciQuest camp and ultimately directed it for 6 or 7 years.
I started the SciQuest Summer Camp.
I coached the first LEGO Robotics team.
Started the first Garden Club.
I was the first co-director of the ASA program.
I was a coach of the first SeaPerch team.
Each of my years at Sagamore have included unique challenges and personal achievements. These include:
Creating an stimulating an active teaching environment
Conducting hands on science activities
Promoting a love of reading among all of my students
Creating a passion in my students to become effective writers
Helping to implement the STEM program
Endeavoring to instill in each of my students a sensitivity to their fellow students and empathy for others and to the world around them
I was in charge of the Rock Eagle and Jekyll Island overnight field trips for 5th Grade. In 15 years, I never lost a kid.
I am proud of Reading Bowl. It encourages the kids to read books they might not read otherwise.

What is your favorite Sagamore memory?

My favorite moment at Sagamore was when I was voted Teacher of the Year
My favorite memories are from when my own children attended Sagamore, before I ever got here.
The first day that I walked into my first classroom.
I have been blessed with many fond memories regarding the students, parents, and fellow staff members at Sagamore. I have particularly enjoyed seeing the lightbulbs go on when a child has had an exciting learning experience.
I love when we have centers and I can just talk and play with the children. That is when I really get to know them.
My favorite Sagamore memory was competing against the students in Reading Bowl.
Having my children come to work with me for a few years.
Seeing Mr. Garner’s classes in the library reading.

What are your plans for retirement?

I plan to attend as many tennis tournaments as possible, starting with the US Open in NY. And to spend time with my granddaughter, who was born May 1st!
I am retiring to be a full time grandmother (baby due in October)!
Traveling, gardening, relaxing
Ecclesiastes 2:14 says “There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven.” I have immensely enjoyed my journey as a teacher and I have loved this path with a true passion. I am off on my new journey or quest…I want to work on learning how to be a writer…write a book or maybe two. I also intend to chip away at my travel bucket list. Exploration of local biketrails is also anticipated.
So many….. plan to get to many of the National Parks then travel abroad. Relax, not set an alarm.
I plan to sleep in, read, and travel when I retire.
Rest, travel, spend more time with family, and working as a Consultant or Speech-Language Pathologist
I plan to learn to weave. I’m going on a cruise in Nov to New Zealand.

Captain Planet Field Day at Sagamore Hills Elementary 2015-2016

As the sun brightly shone and the birds sweetly sang on, what seemed to be, another beautiful day at Sagamore Hills Elementary School; catastrophe was amidst! That dastardly Captain Pollution had struck again, wreaking havoc on the school’s delightful Captain Planet Project Learning Garden (CPPLG). He had literally trashed the area. Teachers, Parents and Students alike gasped at the unsightly mess, asking questions and making statements like, “What happened here?” “Oh my gosh, who did this?” “Somebodies in trouble!” and, “It wasn’t me!” All of this chaos on the morning of…FIELD DAY!

At any other ordinary elementary school Captain Pollution’s plot may have spoiled the day’s activities. However, Sagamore Hills was an extraordinary school! A S.T.E.M. Certified school to be exact! Academically armed with the best critical thinking, problem solving, design focusing students and teachers around. Conjuring the five PLANETEER powers of Heart, Earth, Fire, Rain and Wind the students, dubbed honorary Planeteers, went to work. They formed teams and came up with a perfectly fun solution to the problem Captain Pollution caused…. a “Trash Collecting Relay Race”…it was GENIUS! In no time flat there was not a remnant of trash left.

Once calm was regained, everyone took a moment to tour the Captain Planet Project Learning Garden in its renewed state of beauty. Reminiscing on how the 5th Graders designed it as their legacy and; many other grade levels filled its beds with delicious vegetables to harvest and pollinator plants to ensure future growth. Thanks to the combined powers of S.T.E.M. and Captain Planet lovely lessons would continue to blossom in this rich learning garden for years to come.

Villains BEWARE…you are no match for the big brilliant minds at Sagamore Hills Elementary School!

Mrs. Tasha L. J. Messer
IRR SE Paraprofessional


Free Parenting Workshop

10 Ways to Stop Defiance, Disrespect & Yelling

Free Parenting Workshop.
No Need to Register.

Tuesday, August 25
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Sagamore Hills Elementary School
1865 Alderbrook Road, Atlanta GA 30345

Visit for a sneak peak of what you will experience. Arrive early for the special Q&A with Kirk (that begins 10 minutes prior to the workshop beginning).

“Practical, life-changing and laugh-out-loud funny”

Celebrate Calm Founder Kirk Martin, and his son, Casey, will provide parents and teachers with a dozen strategies that will eliminate defiance, disrespect, yelling, bullying, sibling fights and more that characterize our homes and classrooms. Kirk provides concrete, practical strategies that work with kids ages 2-22 in everyday situations to:

  • Get your kids to listen the first time.
  • Stop defiance, disrespect and yelling.
  • Stop whining, tantrums and sibling fights.
  • Get kids off video games/screens without a fight.
  • Create stress-free mornings, homework time and bedtime.

Contact Brett with any questions. 888.506.1871.

This free event made possible by the Sagamore Hills Elementary School PTA and its volunteers.