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Sagamore Robotics Receives Professionalism Award at World Festival Expo

Team members of Sagamore Robotics Wildcat Whizzes competed in the FIRST LEGO League Jr. World Festival Expo in Houston, TX, April 21, 2017.

At the competition, teams were awarded for parts of their display, presentation, and research that stood out and deserved to be highlighted. The Whizzes received the “Professionalism” award. This means that all aspects of our team’s performance showed their skill and in depth knowledge of the challenge. They also mentioned our team’s respect towards each other, the judges and other teams and of course how much fun they were having.

Our team got to meet teams from Hong Kong, China, Mexico, Panama Costa Rica, Canada and all over the United States. Their success is due to their hard work and dedication. They represented Sagamore Hills well!

Team members included: Rylie Gardiner, Kirsten Gabriel, Dorothy Baldwin, Owen Flake, and Shorani Roy

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Sagamore Robotics to National SeaPerch Competition

SeaPerch is a program that teaches students robotics/engineering concepts, problem solving, teamwork, and how to create technical applications through marine engineering. Sagamore Hills Elementary School students were divided into teams, given two underwater challenges to solve using a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) they constructed themselves, and tasked with the responsibility of completing an engineering notebook. Our students worked together to decide how to solve the challenges, each with their own role in the process.

At the end of the season, we joined other schools at the 2017 Regional SeaPerch Challenge. Our three teams exceeded all expectations and blew us away! Their teamwork was exceptional and played a huge role in their success.

Team Echo was awarded third place in their division. Team members include: Alex Coursey, Bryce Garrett, Lauren Gabriel, and Omandee Karunanayake.

Team Magnitude was awarded second place in their division. Team members include: Matthew Russell, Christian Tucker, Alex Klein, and Evan Hackemeyer

Team AquaBots scored first place in their division, first place overall, and earned a spot at the 2017 National Seaperch Competition at GA Tech. Team members include: Ben Zajac-Cox, Julia Barker, Kirsten Gabriel, Rylie Gardiner, and Holt Solomon.

(Front row, left to right): Matthew Russell, Reed Barker (honorary member), Julia Barker, Kirsten Gabrial, Omandee Karunanayake, and Alex Coursey
(Back row, right to left): Mrs. Dix (coach), Lauren Gabriel, Mrs. Garrett (coach), Bryce Garrett, Alex Klein, Christian Tucker, Rylie Gardiner, Mrs. Quinn (coach), and Evan Hackemeyer
Not shown: Holt Solomon and Ben Zajac-Cox

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Sagamore Jr. Robotics attending FIRST LEGO League Jr. World Festival Expo

The Wildcat Whizzes are 1 of 4 Sagamore Hills Elementary School‘s Jr. Robotics teams selected to attend the Jr. Robotics World Festival Expo in Houston, TX, Arpil 21–22, 2017, where teams from all over the world come together to present their research projects and robots. We are so excited!  This will be the first Jr. FLL Robotics team from the Dekalb County School District to be invited to the World Expo!

The Wildcat Whizzes were tasked with selecting an animal that shares a habitat with the honeybee. After researching the honeybee the team selected the wasp. They built a model that reflected their research and programmed it to move! The team members include: Kirsten Gabriel, Rylie Gardiner, Owen Flake, Shorani Roy, and Dorothy Baldwin.

The team members and their families are so excited and are making plans to attend. Teacher leaders Suzie Quinn and Kristen Garrett will also attend with the financial support of the school and its PTA.

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