Accelerated Reader (AR)

Accelerated Reader (AR) encourages reading practice by tallying points earned from tests taken at school after reading (or being read) select books.

Find a book

AR points can be earned only on the following books for which an AR test is available.

Take a test

Tests can only be taken on school computers (tests cannot be taken at home).

Parents can help their students take tests in the school library on most days:

  • Before school, starting 7:30a
  • After school, until 3:00p

Track progress

Receive an email of your student’s AR test results by signing into the following website and choosing “Email Setup” option in the top-right navigation menu.

Renaissance Home Connect
User Name
7-digit DeKalb student ID
Birthday as MMDD
(Example: A February 7 birthday would have a 0207 password)

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