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Yearbooks are on sale now! Only $25 through 3/15 and then $30 after that! Please click here to purchase one.

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For the 2020-2021 Yearbook we are asking parents to submit photos of their Wildcats during virtual learning and having fun outside of school. Please click on the links/categories and follow the prompts to upload pictures of your students!

5th Grade Dedications:

Create a dedication page for your 5th grader! It’s easy: click onto the yearbook website and select “yearbook recognition ads”.

Use the QR code or go to to get a yearbook dedication.

We would love photo submissions for all students, please see links below!

Share with us your family cooking and eating together, playdates with friends from school and you and your siblings in school.

What does your Wildcat love? Send us a picture of their favorite stuffed animal…their favorite book…their most-played video game.
Click the link to submit photos to the yearbook:

What are your Wildcat’s favorite hobbies? Let’s see pictures of them with arts and crafts, slime, legos… send us what you’ve got!

What is your child learning right now? Do they love to read? Are they excelling at Math Fact Mountain? Show us your pictures!

What’s your Wildcat been up to?  
Show us some pictures of your kids playing outdoors

We’d love to see students with their pets!
Please click here to fill in a google form to upload pictures and answer a few short questions.