did you miss Open House 2021? here’s some good resources anyway…

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This newsletter contains information on Open House, SHE fundraising, and other important SHE news.  


K – 2ND GRADE – 9:30 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.
3RD GRADE – 5TH GRADE– 12.00 A.M. to 1.30 P.M.


At Sagamore Hills Elementary  (SHE)  Open House you will get to:

1. Provide Proof of Residency – Important and Required
2. Complete online registration with PTA if you did not do it prior to Open House to ensure you receive all school communications
3. Pick up student Agenda planner  
4. Shop for SHE spirit wear
5. Join the PTA or renew your annual PTA membership
6. Find out your team and homeroom teacher
7. Meet your teachers for the year and get team specific supply lists 
8. Find out your bus number and route
9. Get cafeteria and lunch information
10. Check out athletics and clubs

If you’re New to DeKalb County Schools?  Please visit the SHE Main Office first and provide important paperwork. Click here for more information. Tip: We will accept these forms of payment at Open House:
1. Credit Card

2. PayPal
3. Checks
4. Cash  
  We really encourage you to follow ALL the steps below to ensure you get the most out of your visit at Sagamore Hills Open House
PLEASE – Pre-Register Online with PTA by July 27 Use the PTA ONLINE REGISTRATION form to:  Complete PTA online registration form for your student – must be currently enrolled in DeKalb County Schools  Provide/confirm contact information for you and your SHE student(s)   Choose publish preferences to be included (or not) in school directory Pay for the student Agenda planner    Join the PTA. Your annual membership includes access to our secure online school directory and Free App Donate to Sagamore Hills Elementary to support school enrichment Preview SHE spirit wear for purchase at Open House Sign up to volunteer with PTA
Come to SHE and Show Proof of Residency On July 28th at SHE, proceed to Check-in Table at the school entrance. 

Current DeKalb County Student?   Proceed through the hallway to the Cafeteria to
1. show your Proof of Residency 
2. Complete an application for free and reduced lunch New to DeKalb County Schools? 
3. Visit the main office to first provide important paperwork register your student with the school.

Proceed to the Cafeteria to show your Proof of Residency Complete an application for free and reduced lunch PROOF OF RESIDENCY: To show proof of residency, bring a copy of one of these: Current (July 2021) utility bill (gas, electric, or water bill) in the name of the homeowner that resides in the SHE attendance area. Phone bills will not be accepted. A copy of the current apartment lease or current contract on a house or condominium in the SHE attendance area SHE will retain proof of residency in your child’s permanent folder. Bring a copy the school can keep.   
3 Open House and Meet & Greet At the entrance and cafeteria, PTA Volunteers will help you get started.   

IF YOU DID NOT PRE-REGISTER ONLINE, proceed to PTA Registration table for assistance completing online registration Team & homeroom listings are posted along right wall Pick up your Agenda (required for 4th grade and optional for 5th grade?) There will be a separate line for those who have PRE-ORDERED and for those who still need to BUY.Shop for SHE spirit wearCheck out all of the great SHE clubs and activitiesGo to Media Center to complete your application for free and reduced lunch if you did not do so during pre-registration Meet &  Greet – Go meet your kids teachers. Where is the School Supply List?  Click HERE for a GENERAL school supply list to go by for standard items. Students will receive a list specific for their assigned Team at Open House on July 28th. Keep your receipt for returns if your Team supply list differs greatly from this general list. Students do not have lockers the first few days.  Please send your student with a notebook and a pen or pencil, along with their Agenda only on the first day of school.  
WE NEED SUPPORT:   SHE and our students need our help now, more than ever! We’re asking everyone to be a Sagamore Hero and contribute to the PTA Fund for the year.   No Sales. No Pledges. No Hassles.    Donate when you Register Online or click Donate Now below.

100% of the donations go directly to fund PTA here at SHE! We need you and thank you for your support! Things your heroic contribution will fund:  Honors day awards Field trips for all SHE teams Cultural arts programs for all students Teacher appreciation, conference meals, and hospitality Copy Paper for all teachers Enhance SHE STEM & technology  

SUGGESTED DONATION LEVELS:               Sagamore Tiny   $75.00               Sagamore  Moderate $125.00               Sagamore Ultimate  $175.00
All donations are greatly appreciated. We’ll gladly accept what you can give.
1. SIGN UP FOR PTA & Membership toolkit = VITAL
2. Parent Quick Tips: Great cheat-sheet and resource list
3. Open House check-list: Print & Bring
4. Volunteer for Open House
5. Volunteer for PTA
6. 2021-2022 supply list
When you become a PTA member or buy spirit gear, you get entered into a raffle where you can win: 1 set of AirPods, A $25.00 gift-cards.

Make Sure You Keep your ticket!