Art Show 2016-2017 at Sagamore Hills Elementary

Thursday, April 27, 2017, 6:30-8:00 pm
Sagamore Hills Elementary School
1865 Alderbrook Way, Atlanta, GA


Come experience a wonderful children’s art exhibit that will enrich your heart and soul! Take a tour of Australia and see Aboriginal X-ray art, Dreamtime Dot paintings, and masks inspired by the Torres Strait Islanders. Journey to China and view beautiful bamboo ink brush paintings, Chinese dragon shadow puppets, and “porcelain” tea sets.

Smile when you see a child’s interpretation of Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life or Dali’s long-legged animals. Sagamore students will lead you through their art experience using slide shows and actual demonstrations! Marvel at almost 1,000 works of art by the young artists of Sagamore Hills!


Visit special art-making stations at the show and make fun works of art to remember your experience! Create a dragon shadow puppet, design your own Chinese chop, make a mini-Chinese lantern, or try your hand at Aboriginal rock painting!

See you at the show!

Liz King, Art Teacher

We need your help to make this fantastic show happen. Please sign up for as many tasks as your schedule can handle! Thank you for supporting Sagamore’s Art program.


The PTA will also present nominees for next year’s Board at the start of the show.

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