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Why I like being PTA President

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Shannon and past President Kristie McMahan having fun.
My name is Shannon Spillett and I am the outgoing PTA President. I just wanted to share with you my experience being PTA President and why I think you should do it as well!

I have volunteered around Sagamore since Pre-K. Those early days were filled with apprehension and were a little lonely. I didn’t know many people, and was looking for way to connect with other parents.

I enjoyed being a Room Parent and when a friend asked me if I might be interested in being PTA President, I said “Yes!” I figured it was a great way to be involved, meet new people and maybe learn a few new things.

As President, I get to help influence events, help the school, learn more about Sagamore, but most importantly for me, I have had a chance to make lasting bonds with people I would not have interacted with. It has made my days at Sagamore such a great joy. I got a chance to add to my resume, with a the time commitment of about 2 hours a week, with a position that was meaningful to me and my kids. Being President isn’t hard, it’s rewarding and I would recommend it to anyone! If you see me smiling at Sagamore, it’s because I have truly have a great time as PTA President!

Looking for a few good parents…

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Current Board members Maya Meeks, Weatherly Polinski and Kate Eastburn want you to join the Board!
Like to help your school? Can you plan a birthday party? Have you ever run a meeting? You are qualified! You can be a member of the PTA Board. We have some open positions I am thrilled to tell you about.

Firstly, most of our Board members do have a full-time jobs. The time commitment centers around events and has a natural ebb and flow.

Our positions are called Vice Presidents (which can be added onto a resume if you are a stay-at-home parent looking to rejoin the working world someday). The VP each have very specific duties.

VP of Administration

Coordinates Open Houses and does PTA memberships and oversees the Room Parents. Rhonda Leake is currently this position and she’s a doctor! Her term is done at the end of the year.

VP of Communications

Does the newsletter, oversees the website and oversees the yearbook. Dave Barker is currently in this position and says he’s got some folks ready to help with the website stuff if you are worried about that!

VP of Fundraising

Does the Fall fundraiser, one spring auction over 2 years and one spring fundraiser, They over see boxtops and school store. Rachel Conrad, attorney, has been doing this position. She challenges you to beat her numbers!


Does our bookkeeping. This real life skill keeps our PTA running. Michelle Shevlin has kept us on budget. Her term is up at the end of the year,

PTA President

Oversees the VPs and signs contracts, answers emails, check requests and runs the monthly PTA meetings. There is a 2 President system, so you are never alone and someone is always there to help. Shannon Spillett’s time is up at the end of the year. She would like you to try it! It’s not hard! REALLY! Weatherly Polinski will continue on as PTA President for another year to help the new President learn and get ready to lead.

Interested? Contact Taylor Ackert at 404-660-1512 or email

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