2016-08-27 Emory Volunteers at Sagamore Hills Grounds Day

By Tasha Messer, Sagamore Hills Elementary School Paraprofessional

Emory Truly Cares About Sagamore

(To the tune of the Ghostbuster’s theme song by Ray Parker Jr.)

If you need some work…done at your school.
Who you gonna call?
They ain’t afraid of no work!

Just a few weeks into the busy 2016-2017 school year, Sagamore Hills Elementary School hosted another Volunteer Emory-First Years’ Welcoming Day of Service. Sagamore Citizen’s from all grade levels showed up in support of this meaningful event. As the Emory Student’s bus drove in, they were pleasantly greeted by a welcome sign adorned with the precious handprints and signatures of many Sagamore students. The delightful look of astonishment on their faces further fueled their already helping spirits. They, in turn, surprised us with a generous donation of gardening  and groundskeeping supplies.

Shortly after this exchange was made; five separate teams, assigned to designated areas in need of immediate attention, went to work in our schools’ gardens and grounds. We did the usual… lawn mowing, leaf blowing, weed whacking, pine cone, leaf and litter collecting; and the unusual…grass sweeping. It took the brilliant mind of one of Emory’s own to come up with this effective yet humorous technique. There were moments where adults and children alike took a break, or two, or three, or four to use whatever method of cooling suited their needs. A thirst quenching swig if water… AHHH; a head cooling wipe of the brow… PHEWWW; or a quick run of the leaf blower through the hair… WHOOOSH! By the end of the day’s events; we had accomplished all the goals set out on our workday checklist. We even managed to satisfy some things from our personal  To-Do lists as well… EXERCISE (for the week)…check!

All joking aside; one of the most memorable moments was hearing the Emory students share their thoughts on the experience during their reflection discussion. Our outdoor classroom was the perfect backdrop for this intimate and enlightening conversation to unfold. When asked to describe how the experience made them feel; the words EMPOWERED, Respectful and Helpful were uttered. Tears welled up in many of the Emory student’s eyes from the emotional connection they made.  Everyone went away from the day feeling fulfilled knowing that we impacted the community in some small way.

A special THANK YOU is owed to both our Kindergarten and First Grade teaching teams for their donations of hand and facial cleansing supplies.

Now, if reading about this event has let you yearning to lend a helping hand… you’re in luck! Sagamore Hills Elementary School is honored to host the Volunteer Emory group again for their larger-scale Emory Cares International Service Day. Please mark your calendars, and plan to join us, for this upcoming event. The details are as follows:

LOCATION: Sagamore Hills Elementary School
DATE: Saturday, November 12th
TIME: 12:00pm-3:00pm
*All students must be accompanied by an adult

thumbs-upMrs. Tasha L. J. Messer
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