Captain Planet Field Day at Sagamore Hills Elementary 2015-2016

As the sun brightly shone and the birds sweetly sang on, what seemed to be, another beautiful day at Sagamore Hills Elementary School; catastrophe was amidst! That dastardly Captain Pollution had struck again, wreaking havoc on the school’s delightful Captain Planet Project Learning Garden (CPPLG). He had literally trashed the area. Teachers, Parents and Students alike gasped at the unsightly mess, asking questions and making statements like, “What happened here?” “Oh my gosh, who did this?” “Somebodies in trouble!” and, “It wasn’t me!” All of this chaos on the morning of…FIELD DAY!

At any other ordinary elementary school Captain Pollution’s plot may have spoiled the day’s activities. However, Sagamore Hills was an extraordinary school! A S.T.E.M. Certified school to be exact! Academically armed with the best critical thinking, problem solving, design focusing students and teachers around. Conjuring the five PLANETEER powers of Heart, Earth, Fire, Rain and Wind the students, dubbed honorary Planeteers, went to work. They formed teams and came up with a perfectly fun solution to the problem Captain Pollution caused…. a “Trash Collecting Relay Race”…it was GENIUS! In no time flat there was not a remnant of trash left.

Once calm was regained, everyone took a moment to tour the Captain Planet Project Learning Garden in its renewed state of beauty. Reminiscing on how the 5th Graders designed it as their legacy and; many other grade levels filled its beds with delicious vegetables to harvest and pollinator plants to ensure future growth. Thanks to the combined powers of S.T.E.M. and Captain Planet lovely lessons would continue to blossom in this rich learning garden for years to come.

Villains BEWARE…you are no match for the big brilliant minds at Sagamore Hills Elementary School!

Mrs. Tasha L. J. Messer
IRR SE Paraprofessional