STEM Certification Awarded to Sagamore Hills Elementary School

May 4, 2016

To the Sagamore Hills Elementary School Community,

This week Sagamore Hills Elementary School became the 20th elementary school in the state to earn the Georgia Department of Education’s distinguished Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) certification. This achievement is recognition of the commitment and dedication of the Sagamore Hills Elementary School faculty, parents, and school community to provide a rigorous and substantive STEM education program for all of our students.

Sagamore Hills Elementary School is in the fourth year of implementing a STEM education program. The students at Sagamore Hills Elementary School experience a comprehensive STEM program which includes STEM discipline integration through the curriculum, school-wide STEM days, and after school activities and clubs. An emphasis on the engineering design process and problem solving in every classroom allows students to use cross-disciplinary tools for discovery and developing solutions to problems. The STEM program at Sagamore Hills provides our students with the integrative tools of investigation and analysis and gives students an understanding of the relationship of STEM disciplines. The framework of our STEM program requires students to apply the design process to a variety of problems in a variety of settings. Students continuously design, model, and test solutions. They analyze data and report their findings to others in their class, to others in the school, and often times beyond to our community. Technology integration is a pervasive component of our STEM program.

STEM education has transformed teaching and learning at Sagamore Hills Elementary School. We are honored that our STEM education program has been recognized with this distinction.

Julie Taylor, Principal

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