STEM at Sagamore Hills, January 2015

STEM education is experienced by all Sagamore Hills Elementary School students every day across all content areas. The use of the Mac Lab, laptops, 3-D printers, iPads and other devices are pervasive in teaching and learning.

We held two school-wide competitions where our students put the engineering and design process in action.

Egg-drop Sleigh propulsion
Egg Drop, First Grade, 2013-2014, Sagamore Hills Elementary School IMG_1111

IMG_5604We are expanding our learning garden with the support of the Captain Planet Foundation and the grant were have been awarded.

IMG_3318This semester’s school-wide STEM projects will focus on the garden, the aquaponics system, and our continued partnership with the Atlanta Botanical Garden and the Amphibian Diet Experiment.

Amphibian Diet Experiment

Sagamore Hills is one of four elementary schools in Georgia working with the Atlanta Botanical Garden and poison dart frogs! Our second grade classes are working collaboratively with the scientists at the Atlanta Botanical Garden comparing growth rates for young Cobalt Poison Frogs (Dendrobates tinctorius). The frogs are fed two different diets and our students collect data on the frog’s growth rates. The data from the study will help determine the best diet for captive poison dart frogs. This has been a fantastic experience for our students. They began in the fall creating habitats for the frogs to thrive! These frogs are in each of the second grade classes. They are beautifully colored, diurnal (active during the day) frogs. Captive poison dart frogs are non-toxic and completely harmless.

STEM Night

Mark your calendars for the Sagamore Hills STEM Night, February 4 th , 6:00-8:00. This promises to be a shockingly great program that will interest children and adults! Dozens of scientists from our community visit our school to provide an evening of amazing science experiences.

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