Midday Sunday, October 11, 2015, the Sagamore Hills Elementary School PTA and Get Your Goat Rentals placed 20 goats to get rid of poison ivy, overgrown brush, and to help with mosquito control by the playground/track area. They’ll be there for at least 4 days.

  • The creek area is almost completely weeds and is suspected to be housing quite a few mosquitoes, is unsightly now, is affecting kids playing on the bridges, and is growing up onto the exercise equipment.
  • The goats eat the ivy leaves but they do not eat the roots of the plant. After six months or a year the ivy will grow back again so ongoing maintenance will be required to keep it clear.
  • The electric fence was tested and you have to grab it hard to get any kind of small zap out of it. It has no amps, so it wont truly hurt anyone, but it does give you a tickle like you have just bumped your funny bone at the elbow.
  • Sweet Pea the guard dog will keep the goats safe.

Visit sagamorehillspta.org/buildingandgrounds to learn more.

Updated 2015-10-15